Spot the Jellyfish photography competition Winners

The Spot the Jellyfish team based at the IOI-MOC of the University of Malta, supported by the Malta Tourism Authority, recently announced the winners of the jellyfish photography competition which was run in conjunction with the Din l-Art Helwa Annual Marine Photography competition.

This year, this new category which is very pertinent to our marine environment focused on jellyfish and gelatinous species in general (including comb jellies and salps). In order to provide an even playing field for all and so as encourage budding jellyfish spotters as well, the jellyfish photography was divided into two tiers:

(i) one open for those having underwater photography equipment (i.e. SCUBA divers and some snorkelers) and photographing jellyfish species underwater and

(ii) one open for those having a non-marine camera and thus photographing jellyfish species at the surface of the water or dead jellyfish specimens which have been beached.

The winner of the first category for Spot the Jellyfish was presented with a professional underwater torch, whilst the winner of the second category was presented with an underwater camera.

The Malta Tourism Authority is yet again supporting the Spot the Jellyfish campaign this year after its successful execution last year, by financing the printing of a new suite of informative coastal posters to be affixed on site over the coming months in time for the next bathing season. MTA has acknowledged the need to generate awareness, rather than alarm, about such species with those who frequent our beaches in a bid to ensure bathers’ safety and also to provide timely information regarding presence of such species. The Spot the Jellyfish initiative also enjoys the support of Nature Trust (Malta), EkoSkola, the Blue Flag programme, Friends of the Earth Malta and, as from this year, of Sharklab as well.

Anyone wishing to receive a copy of the revamped posters can send an email to, where any reports of jellyfish sightings are also being received. The ad hoc Spot the Jellyfish campaign, which has received international recognition in the past for its educational value, can be accessed at, and includes updated statistics on jellyfish sightings.